Which orange wines should I try?

The Wine Society has started to venture into the world of orange wines, so far working with Oskar Maurer, a fourth-generation winemaker in Serbia. His first skin-maceration whites were in 1994 and he explains , ‘That was the traditional way in this wine region. Everyone was doing this with white grapes, because they could win a lot of extract, tannins and taste the skin of the grapes. These wines were made without filtration, clarification and sulphites, and this is how these wines lived longer.’  Maurer’s Fodor Orange 2016 is made olaszrizling (the Hungarian name for welschriesling) and Maurer says, ‘The vines are nearly 50 years old; these are bush vines with small grapes and clusters. In 2016, we used 500l vessels for maceration for six days with punching down (of skins) twice daily and no stems. In 2016 the harvest was two weeks earlier than the previous one, with no botrytis and the raw material showed us that we could make a smoother orange wine.’

Expect more orange wines in the near future!


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